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FTP Service Users. 1

User Passwords. 2

User Accounts. 2

User Account Privileges. 2

Ad Hoc Transfer Component (AHT) 2

AHT Limits table. 3

AHT Disk Space Quota limits. 3

File Transfers. 3

Disk Space Quota limits. 4

Bandwidth Quota limits. 4

File Downloads. 4

File Uploads. 4

Upload Limits (For individual file transfers via the Web Component) 4

Restricted File Types. 5

Antivirus. 5

Automated File Removal 5

Data Protection and Confidentiality. 5

FTP Site Support - Sport England ICT Service Desk. 5

Appendix - FTP access problems (Firewalls) 6

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Appendix - FTP Clients. 6

Appendix - OS and Browser Compatibility. 6

Appendix - Compression Tools. 6




The information in this document includes rules that must be adhered to when using the Sport England FTP service. For additional guidance on how to use the site please follow this link.

This FTP service has two components which are referred to in this document:

  • Web component ( or if you prefer secure connections) - This component can be accessed by any Internet browser and does not require specialist knowledge to use. However, some limitations exist and it may be more appropriate to use the FTP component ***
  • FTP component ( - Uses network File Transfer Protocol (FTP) over ports 21, and 22. A specialist FTP client is required to access this component.

The management of all accounts and support of this File Transfer service is provided by the Sport England ICT Service Desk. If you have any issues or require assistance please refer to the support information at the end of this document, which includes contact details for the Service Desk.

FTP Service Users

All users issued an account are also assigned to a specific user group. The user group will govern the amount of allocated disk space*, the allowable bandwidth**, rules for account expiry, and whether uploaded files will eventually be removed by automated processes. You should be told the kind of account grouping you have been assigned when your account details are sent to you. Please contact the Service Desk if you require further guidance.

Group Name


Password Expiry

Account Expiry


Large (Default account group)

30 days

30 days / ICT Discretion


Xtra Large

30 days

30 days / ICT Discretion


Xtra Xtra Large

up to 30 days

ICT Discretion / Indefinite

User Passwords

The following rules must be adhered to when generating passwords for this FTP service.

  • 6 characters is the minimum length required for your password
  • A minimum of 1 numeric character is required
  • A minimum of 1 special character is required (see Appendix for a description of special characters)
  • User passwords will expire after 30 days as defined by the account grouping. This of course only applies if the password expiry date occurs before the account expires.
  • Passwords must be changed the first time a user logs on.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, give your user account and password details to a third party. Instead refer the third party to the Service Desk who will create a new account.

User Accounts

  • All user accounts will be subject to an expiry date, set by the ICT Service Desk. The default expiry will be 30 days for L, and XL accounts.  XXL accounts will generally have a longer expiry date, and in special cases may be indefinite. The length of all account expiries is at the discretion of ICT Service Desk.
  • A password history is recorded and old passwords cannot be re-used.
  • 10 failed logon attempts within a 10 minute time period will result in the automatic disabling of your account. You will receive an email alert if this occurs. Please contact the ICT Service Desk and ask for the account to be re-enabled.
  • As part of the FTP services maintenance tasks, expired user accounts and all associated files and folders will be removed. This maintenance task may occur at any time, but generally at the beginning of each month.

User Account Privileges




Standard user account


No anonymous access is permitted on this FTP server

Ad Hoc Transfer Component (AHT)

For one-off file transfers (packages) it is possible to use the Ad Hoc Transfer component (AHT) available at  Further guidance is available here in the Ad Hoc Transfer component section. The advantage of this module is that the recipient(s) do not need a pre-created FTP account to access the file(s) in the package, and also there are no bandwidth limits. Note that this service is not meant as a long term file store, packages are downloadable on a limited basis (See AHT Limits table).

The AHT module is available to internal Sport England members of staff only. However, if you are an external user who often needs to send large files to Sport England contact the ICT Service Desk (See FTP Site Support at the bottom of this document for contact details).

If you are an external user who does have access to this module, it should only be used to send packages to Sport England staff and its partners.  Any abuse of the AHT service will be treated seriously.

As with the FTP service, all traffic is logged and monitored to ensure continuity of service.

AHT Limits table

These quotas apply to individual packages. A package is a file or group of files sent to one or more recipients.


Default Value

Maximum Value

Package Size



Number of files per package



Package Expiration

7 days

21 days

Downloads Per File



* Although there is a maximum limit on files, it is of course possible compress files and add this to the package.

AHT Disk Space Quota limits

Your account will be subject to a disk quota, determined by your assigned group. This quota is applied to your packages folder, see the AHT limits for individual packages.

If you exceed your quota you will not be permitted to create new packages until other packages have expired. Contact the ICT Service desk if you require assistance. Warnings will be sent via email when too many files are added or too much disk space has been used.

Group Name

Maximum File Count

Maximum Disk Space

Warning at (Files/Disk)




200 files / 200Mb




1000 files / 750Mb




Unlimited / 4Gb

File Transfers

The FTP site is for sharing business related files only. Any upload that does not follow this rule will result in the immediate revocation of the users account and the deletion of non business related files.

For L, and XL accounts only, any files uploaded will be automatically removed after 30 days, starting from the original upload date.

For XXL accounts, files will remain on the server for an unlimited period.

Disk Space Quota limits

* Your account will be subject to a quota, determined by your assigned group. If you exceed your quota you will not be permitted to upload files until you have removed other files. Warnings will be sent via email when a too many files are added or too much disk space has been used.

Group Name

Maximum File Count

Maximum Disk Space

Warning at (Files/Disk)




200 files / 200Mb




1000 files / 750Mb




Unlimited / 4Gb

Bandwidth Quota limits

** Similar to disk space quotas, you will also be subject to bandwidth constraints according to your assigned group

Group Name

Bandwidth Limit


250 KB/s 





File Downloads

This server has a resume function available in the FTP component. For large file downloads it may be more appropriate to use a specialist FTP client. This will allow you to resume downloads if they fail prior to completion. See Appendix - FTP clients.

File Uploads

It is highly recommended that files are compressed prior to uploading to the server.  This reduces the time required to for you to upload the file (reducing the chances of an failure), and also reduces the time for your recipient to download the file. 

For file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Project it is probably not necessary to compress the file.  A general rule of thumb is to compress files larger than 20Mbytes.

Information for common compression tools such as WinZip, XP Compressed Folders, or WinRar can be seen in the Appendix - Compression Tools. 

Upload Limits (For individual file transfers via the Web Component)

For Web component users there is a 250Mbyte upper limit per file transfer, any file larger than this must be uploaded using the FTP component.

The FTP component has no individual file upload limits, provided the transfer stays within the account grouping's disk quota.

*** For larger files it may be more appropriate to use the FTP component with the help of an FTP client. The link for the FTP component is For XP users an FTP client is available via the command prompt. Alternatively you can use a specialist FTP client, see the Appendix - FTP clients.

Note that some FTP users may need to speak to their IT departments to allow FTP traffic through their firewall. See appendix - FTP access problems

Restricted File Types

The following restricted file types may not be uploaded to the FTP server. 


If any of these file types are uploaded, the file(s) will be automatically removed and an alert will be sent to the ICT Service Desk.


All files that are uploaded to this server are scanned for potential viruses. If a virus is found the file will be removed and you will be contacted immediately by the Service Desk.

Automated File Removal

As part of the FTP services maintenance tasks, files older than 30 days will automatically be removed.

Files may be retrieved from the backups, but this cannot be guaranteed by the Service Desk and will take several days from the initial request.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

In line with Sport England's IT security policy, it is the responsibility of the user of this service to ensure that the contents of any files uploaded to the server are business related, will not cause offence, and will not bring any organisation into disrepute. Any proven abuse will be treated seriously.

If you find you are not the intended recipient of files downloaded then please delete the file(s) immediately and contact the ICT Service Desk.

To ensure the continuity and correct usage of the service all transfer activity on the FTP server is logged and monitored.

FTP Site Support - Sport England ICT Service Desk

If you have any access problems please contact the ICT Service Desk on 020 7273 1666, or via
The ICT Helpdesk's operating hours are between 08:30 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.  No weekend support is provided.

Appendix - FTP access problems (Firewalls)

FTP traffic travels over specific ports 21 and 22. These ports are sometimes blocked by personal or business firewalls. If you experience problems accessing the FTP component or our service, please ensure that these ports are open and can be accessed by your FTP client.  Your IT department should be able to assist you.

Appendix - Special password characters

To ensure user passwords are strong, this FTP service requires its users to include at least one special character from the list below.

! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~

Appendix - FTP Clients

Any FTP client that is compliant with FTP protocol standards will work with this service. This list is in no particular order and is only provided as a suggestion.

Appendix - OS and Browser Compatibility

This service is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Unix. Any browser can be used with this service, although we recommend the latest version and service pack has been applied.

Appendix - Compression Tools

Any compression tool may be used provided the recipient can de-compress the file when it is received. We list the following due to their ubiquitous nature only:

Applications Manager - Sport England - 22 July 2009